Mocha: Bag (22 Servings)

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Enjoy the rich flavors of chocolate and mocha without ANY added sugars! We packed 100mg of caffeine and 10g of protein into one delicious cup of coffee that will keep you sustained throughout the entire day.


    Gluten-Free • Lactose-Free • GMO-Free • Low-Calorie
    Keto-Friendly • Clean Ingredients • No Artificial Sweeteners
    100% Pure Colombian Coffee • 10G Whey Protein Hydrolysate



    Deliciousness aside, did you know that chocolate can actually be good for you? It's true! The naturally occurring antioxidants in cocoa powder have been found to reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol. Plus, chocolate is great brain fuel. It's been shown to increase blood flow to the brain and even help boost your mood.


    Caffeine is full of powerful antioxidants + nutrients like vitamins B2, B3, B5, magnesium and potassium. Besides its natural ability to increase energy levels and boost metabolic rate, coffee has also been found to enhance athletic performance, especially when consumed before high intensity or endurance-based work outs!


    Compared to other non-hydrolyzed forms of protein, whey protein hydrolysate is much easier for our bodies to absorb, causes less digestive discomfort, and is lower in lactose, fat and carbs. Whey hydrolysate is also high in amino acids like leucine, which helps stimulate muscle synthesis, maximize muscle growth and improve athletic recovery.


    A member of the gourd family, monk fruit is a small, green plant native to  China and parts of Thailand.  Fun fact: monk fruit was first used by Buddhist monks back in the 13th century, hence the name "monk." When turned into a concentrated powder, monk fruit extract is an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener that also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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    Naomi P.
    United States United States
    Taste delicious

    It taste amazing, and easy to use. The packaging is clean and nice too. I will highly recommend.

    Meredith H.
    United States United States

    I’m picky with my coffee so I was kinda hesitant to try this with some protein. Let me just say It was delish!!! I tried all three and I can’t pick a favorite.  I love creamer in my coffee and with BuzzFit I don’t need any!!! Very creamy and great taste.  Thank you BuzzFit!!!

    Melina R.
    United States United States
    A Jolt of Energy

    So I’ve worked at a coffee shop most of my life. Never jaded to the great bean. Always ready to try new flavors but also ensuring the coffee kick before I judge. However, this coffee is in a league of its own. The taste, great, simple but great. I was nervous to try it. I am lactose intolerant and many products claim to be free of lactose but aren’t. Surprisingly, BuzzFit is. The energy kick started subtle and then hit home. After 10 minutes I got that kick from one cup! My first and only cup was at 4am and it worked well through the day. I was high energy in the morning and afternoon rush at work and through my workout at 1pm. That’s 1 cup. Powerful stuff. I have enjoyed BuzzFit now for one week everyday and I am still as pumped today as I was on day one. Thanks BuzzFit team for the Buzz (see what I did there).

    Lyndsey W.
    United States United States
    Buzzfit is where it’s at!!

    Buzzfit mocha is my favorite!!!! I am not a breakfast kind of girl, but with Buzzfit coffee i am getting my coffee and protein all in one! Best of both worlds! I love how easy the powder dissolves in hot water. Not to mention the flavors you get on your first sip. It’s the perfect amount of coffee flavor and sweetness. My favorite thing about Buzzfit is how clean their coffee is! (Clean ingredients) Everyone should try a cup of Buzzfit out!

    Doug Z.
    United States United States
    Great Option for a Diabetic

    What a great cup of coffee plus protein! As a Type I Diabetic, I’m always looking for breakfast options that don’t cause me to have a sugar spike. Dissolved well, taste delicious and low glycemic. Packaging was beautiful as well! Wins all around!