HOT Single Serve (10 Pack)

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A delicious, cafe-style vanilla latte that’s ready in less than 5 minutes? Yes please! One serving of our Vanilla Latte Coffee + Protein has 100mg of caffeine, 10g of whey protein, and 0 added sugars. Bring one on your next adventure for an instant energy boost!


0 Added Sugars • 100% Pure Colombian Coffee • 10g Whey Protein Hydrolysate  Low-Calorie • Gluten-Free • Lactose-Free • GMO-Free • No Artificial • Flavors Keto-Friendly • Clean Ingredients


Buzzfit Original flavor single serving


It’s classic for a reason. We packed 10g of whey protein hydrolysate, and 100mg of caffeine, into a delicious single serving of high-protein instant coffee. Extracted from 100% pure Colombian coffee beans for a bold balanced flavor, this cup of coffee will help you finish your day as strongly as you start it.

Vaniilla Latte Single Serve

Vanilla Latte

Ditch the detrimental dairy and nasty added sugars and try a BuzzFit Vanilla Latte instead. This delicious treat will treat you right and provide you with the lasting benefits that only a protein/caffeine combo can provide. Skip the jittery high and sugar fueled crash; catch a cooler buzz with BuzzFit.

Mocha Single Serve coffee on orange background with chocolate


Enjoy the rich flavors of chocolate and mocha without ANY added sugars! Thanks to BuzzFit’s blend of 100mg of caffeine and 10g of whey protein hydrolysate you can get a stronger kick and longer burn for an all around better buzz. We’ve got your afternoon cravings covered!