6 Jars - BuzzFit Protein Coffee
6 Jars - BuzzFit Protein Coffee
6 Jars - BuzzFit Protein Coffee
6 Jars - BuzzFit Protein Coffee

6 Jars - BuzzFit Protein Coffee

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BuzzFit Power Coffee is a medium roast Colombian coffee, infused with 20g of the highest quality protein. Delivering a smooth and great tasting hot cup of coffee, without any sugar or artificial ingredients.


Colombian Coffee is rated one of the highest quality, 100% Arabica, coffee beans in the world. Due to Colombia’s perfect geography for growing coffee, their beans are known for their rich, mild flavor.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate is considered the highest quality of whey protein. It is the fastest digesting protein with the lowest amount of fat and calories per gram.

As you may know, timing is crucial for muscle building and recovery, there is a direct correlation with the speed at which amino acids enter the blood stream and muscle growth. Whey protein hydrolysate digests faster than whey protein isolate or concentrate, and doesn’t contain the unneeded fillers they consist of.  

Caffeine comes naturally from coffee. Caffeine enhances performance, both mentally and physically, and helps relieve or prevent drowsiness.


1.) Add 2 tbsp of BuzzFit Protein Coffee powder into an empty mug.
2.) Pour 8oz of hot water into the mug and stir for 30 seconds.
3.) Sip gracefully and continue on with your day like the savage you are!

Per 8oz serving - 10g of protein & 75mg of caffeine.
Per 16oz serving - 20g of protein & 150mg of caffeine.


One of a kind protein coffee, specifically engineered to be served hot: BuzzFit is the only coffee protein product capable of mixing well in hot liquids, creating a smooth cup of coffee.

Versus the attempt of adding protein to coffee at home –OR– competing brands who claim their protein coffee can be served hot, but clump up and denaturize.

Clean ingredients: Caffeine and protein are essential pieces in training and your daily regimen. Unfortunately, most sports nutrition pre-workout or protein drinks are loaded with artificial ingredients and/or sugar. BuzzFit has decided to take a healthier approach with the natural boost of caffeine and clean protein, leaving sugar and artificial ingredients out!

Can serve as a meal replacement: If you skip breakfast, BuzzFit can act as a meal replacement; suppressing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism, and providing a protein replacement for breakfast in the morning.

Great on an empty stomach: Our whey protein balances out the acidity of the coffee, not giving you the dreaded stomach discomfort or heartburn.

Clean ingredients: Natural boost you need from caffeine, cleaner than any other protein drink.

No empty calories: Fit coffee that works well with your macros

GMO Free: We wish all brands could say the same.

Gluten Free: We’re happy to be a fit product that everyone can enjoy.

Lactose Free: Our high quality whey protein is lactose free, creating no stomach issues and digesting fast, with ease.

Manufactured in the US: Our coffee is imported from Colombia and manufactured in the United States.

Tastes great as a blended frappe too: Mix coffee as instructed in the directions, then blend with ice… you’re welcome.