How To Boost Your Metabolism

How To Boost Your Metabolism

How To Boost Your Metabolism

Is there anything more frustrating than waking up to realize you’ve got a little more jiggle to your wiggle than you did last week? We’ve all been there…and it always seems to come out of nowhere! 

Most of the time, it’s not just the reflection in the mirror, or the tighter than normal slacks that tip you off. Usually, in the midst of contemplating your physique it dawns on you that you’ve been feeling really sluggish and slow lately. Is a slow metabolism to blame? 


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Identifying The Why Behind How To Boost Metabolism

Maybe it’s your diet, maybe it’s stress, maybe you’ve fallen out of your normal workout routine. Whatever may have caused the recent backslide in your fitness goals, you're probably wondering how boosting your metabolism can lead to change.

When it comes to giving your metabolism a boost, the “how to’s” can be as varied as the personal reasons for researching a solution. There is of course some consensus regarding general health tips around boosting your metabolism but they serve more as guidelines and less as a guarantee. 

The Top Four Tricks To Boost Metabolism

Common suggestions like a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen are non-specific solutions that, while helpful, don’t necessarily get you to where you want to be. 

In this article, we’re going to offer a secret metabolism boosting trick that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Before we get there, let’s look at the top four consensus tips for how to boost metabolism.


1. Drink More Water 

It seems so simple, but it can be a bit of a chore. Try using a water bottle that contains your entire water intake for the day to see if you can get through it!


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2. Watch What You Eat

The speed of your metabolism is conditional based on what you use to fuel it. For example, carbohydrates are a great source of quick energy but they have a tendency to throw your body into overdrive, leaving your depleted metabolism to pick up the pieces. Avoiding things like sugars and carbohydrates and leaning into energy sources like protein and fat can help boost metabolism.


3. Increase Movement and Exercise

Your metabolism keeps burning calories long after a workout is finished. Think of exercise as if it were motor oil for the high-performance car that is your body. Not all exercise needs to be rigorous…things like walking around your house, taking the dog for an extra lap around the block, or even dancing with your partner instead of watching TV can all help boost metabolism.


4. More Sleep

Ahhhh, sleep. It’s so nice to go to bed tired and wake up refreshed, and your metabolism agrees. Sleep is an integral part of boosting your metabolism as it allows your body the rest it needs to recuperate and reset. Plus, you typically don’t eat when you're asleep which means your metabolism has to keep busy by burning things like fat stores.

The tips above are foundational to jumpstarting your metabolism, but there is another way that can also provide useful benefit... Think of it as the cherry on top. 

The BuzzFit Secret To A Faster Metabolism

Without getting into the nitty gritty of genetic identity, age, and medical history, the road to long term metabolism health is a different path than a quick attempt to lose 5 pounds. Things like intermittent fasting, introducing new supplements, and adding drinks to boost metabolism (like warm lemon water), are all effective tools for creating long term metabolic efficiency. 

But what’s the secret that not many people talk about? Protein and caffeine!


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Protein Coffee And How It Helps Metabolism

Both protein and caffeine are pivotal for metabolic efficiency. And as important as they are by themselves, their powers are even stronger when combined. 

Protein is one of your metabolism's favorite energy sources. Not only does protein take longer to break down than carbohydrates, it’s also easier for your body to convert protein into the metabolic fuel needed for cell creation, muscle recovery, and cognitive function. 

In addition to offering a pleasant euphoria, caffeine also assists metabolic function by speeding you up and triggering your body to burn more calories. 

Can BuzzFit Help Boost Metabolism?

When protein and caffeine are combined, like they are in BuzzFit’s protein coffee, what you’re left with is a stronger, and longer lasting, metabolic burn.

Did you know that the half-life of caffeine is only 6 hours? Without getting too technical, “half-life” is a scientific term that identifies how long it takes your body to digest, absorb, process, and filter out a particular substance. 

Different substances affect the way our bodies absorb and process caffeine. Protein is one of those substances. When protein and caffeine are ingested together, like they are in BuzzFit’s instant coffee with high protein, it creates a slower metabolic burn. 

Remember those old Duralogs that help a fire start faster and burn longer? Same idea! 

Protein coffee is a great source of metabolic fuel as it targets two pain points for a slow metabolism. First, it helps jumpstart your internal metabolic system signaling to the body that it’s time to start burning calories. Second, it provides your body with the proper fuel source it needs so that your metabolism doesn’t crash or slow down once the caffeine begins to wear off. 


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What Kind Of Boost Are You Looking For?

In the case of most individuals looking to improve their metabolic functions, asking the question “how do I boost my metabolism?” only leads to frustration. Instead, you should be asking “am I looking for a short term boost or a long term metabolism shift?” 

If the answer to the aforementioned question is more along the lines of a long term shift, then introducing a protein instant coffee into your diet is a great place to start. 

Because BuzzFit instant protein coffee is made with whole organic ingredients, and since it doesn’t have any added sugars, it proves to be a welcomed addition to any diet. It’s low sugar and low carb so it’s keto friendly; it’s made with whole organic ingredients so it’s Paleo friendly; and it’s gluten, lactose and GMO free for those with dietary restrictions. 


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Wrapping Up

This is going to sound trite, but it’s very important to reiterate: there is no one size fits all solution for boosting metabolism. Everyone’s body is unique, and you will need to try different combinations of potential solutions in order to figure out what works best for you.

Whether you’re trying to squeeze into an old pair of jeans, or whether you’re getting “photo-shoot ready” in preparation for a long awaited tropical getaway, boosting your metabolism is a process and you need to give it some time.  

In the interim, try moving more, eating less junk, and adding in a protein coffee like Buzzfit to boost your metabolism today while also training it for long term success. You can try all three flavors of BuzzFit protein coffee samples for just $5!