4 Healthier Halloween Coffee Drink Ideas

4 Healthier Halloween Coffee Drink Ideas

4 Healthier Halloween Coffee Drink Ideas

Spooky Season is upon us, and a delicious seasonal coffee drink is a great way to get into the spirit! Often, seasonal beverages like Halloween coffee drinks are loaded with added sugars. At BuzzFit we say no to added sugar and keep things sweet the natural way. 

BuzzFit is all of the treat without any of the trick. It’s protein coffee with zero added sugars and 10g of protein, which makes BuzzFit an easy alternative to make a sweet holiday treat without having to worry about your macros being completely out of whack. 

We’ve modified these 4 delicious halloween coffee drinks to help you keep your Halloween sugar cravings at bay. Turns out, you don’t have to go batty with tons of added sugar this Halloween, you can use BuzzFit instead! 

Here are some great Halloween spooky drinks you can make at home this Halloween season. 


witch's couldron cold brew


1) Witch’s Cauldron Cold Brew 

For all you regular coffee drinkers out there, nothing may be more frightening than a cup of coffee with a whole bunch of added ingredients. No need to be spooked! This recipe is right up your alley since it’s just a simple way to make your cold brew a little more wicked. 

According to this recipe from Food Network, making cold brew is as easy as steeping coffee grounds in cold water for a 10-20 hour period. After your coffee is finished steeping, strain the grounds out of the coffee and serve over ice for a delicious homemade cold brew! 

To give this cold brew a Halloween twist, add some coconut milk for an eerie swirl effect that looks like it’s straight out of a witch’s cauldron! Plus, using coconut milk as a healthy dairy substitute will make for a delicious nutty flavor that’s just as creamy as regular milk. Oh, and using coconut milk is a great way to avoid added sugar since coconut milk is already naturally sweet! 


pumpkin spice latte with jack-o-lantern


2) Jack-O-Lantern Latte 

It is officially that time of year when we pumpkin spice all the things. The Jack-O-Lantern Latte is the BuzzFit version of a pumpkin spice latte. The difference? We use BuzzFit as a substitute for your coffee/simple syrup mixture. Instead of being full of stuff you don’t need, like a pumpkin and its seeds, this version is light and bright like a Jack-O-Lantern!

For this easy-to-make recipe, all you’ll need is a single serving of BuzzFit Vanilla Latte and some pumpkin pie spice seasoning which you can find at your local grocery store. The directions are simple: 

Step 1: Brew yourself a cup of BuzzFit Vanilla Latte

Step 2: Stir in your pumpkin pie spice a little bit at a time until the coffee reaches your optimal pumpkin flavor.

Step 3: Serve hot or cold with a garnish of your choice…we recommend coconut whipped cream! 

Some recipes, like Ambitious Kitchen’s version of this fall favorite, call for added sweeteners like simple syrup or agave. However, by using BuzzFit Vanilla Late as your base, you’ll already have the sweet vanilla flavor you need without having to add any additional sweeteners. 

Add a seasonal cinnamon stick for garnish and flare and voila! You now have a healthier version of the fall favorite “Pumpkin Spice Latte.” 

mexican mocha coffee


3) Dia De Los Muertos Mocha 

Let’s continue our list of Halloween themed coffee drink ideas with this hybrid seasonal version of classic Mexican Mocha. We call it a hybrid because instead of having to go through the trouble of brewing your own espresso and frothing your own milk, you can just use BuzzFit!

Traditional mochas are a lot of work that require some specialized equipment. Fortunately for you, for this Halloween coffee drink, you can substitute mocha protein coffee for an easy-to-make chocolatey treat. 

While starting with BuzzFit’s mocha flavor as your base is a great start, there’s a little extra that goes into making a traditional Mexican mocha. According to Coffee Affection, you will also need to add the following ingredients:

1 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)

¼ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp nutmeg

⅛ tsp cayenne pepper

2 tbsp half milk or dairy substitute

We like these ingredients because just like BuzzFit, they include zero added sugar. Unsweetened cacao powder is a great way to add a chocolatey flavor without boosting your sugar intake. Simply stir in the extra ingredients into your serving of Mocha BuzzFit and enjoy!

For some extra chocolate flavor, common in a typical Mexican mocha, try using a microplane to shave a small dose of dark chocolate over the top of the beverage. Dark chocolate is an excellent way to curb your sweet cravings, and due to its low sugar content, it will fit right in with your daily diet.



4) Candy Corn Cappuccino 

On the list of Halloween themed coffee drinks, one specific flavor is more divisive than any other…candy corn. When it comes to candy corn there are two kinds of people; those who hate it, and those who are nothing short of obsessed. If you are one of the latter, then this sweet Halloween themed coffee drink idea is just for you! 

Making a candy corn cappuccino is as easy as adding some candy corn syrup to the bottom of your mug before you make a normal cappuccino. We know, candy corn syrup means added sugar. We’ll make you a deal…you indulge in your sugary dose of candy corn syrup today, and tomorrow BuzzFit will be waiting to help you curb those revamped sugar cravings with zero added sugar, 10g of protein, and a better-for-you buzz!

So now for the big question…how do you make candy corn syrup? It’s simple! Here are the simple steps according to Slumber And Scones so you can easily make candy corn syrup and craft a Candy Corn Cappuccino at home! For the record, the original recipe calls for this drink to be a Latte Macchiato but we think the Cappuccino version is much better. 

For the delicious cappuccino version simply add the candy corn syrup to the bottom of the mug before you add the espresso and frothed milk. If you’re feeling especially wicked you can drizzle extra candy corn syrup over the top! Oh and feel free to start with BuzzFit’s original flavor if you don’t have time to brew your own espresso. 


Mocha BuzzFit powder in a cup with pumpkins


Wrapping Up

You now have four delicious Halloween beverages that you can make without having to be scared of added sugars! These healthier versions of some fan-favorite Halloween coffee drinks are a great way to get in the spirit of the season and still ensure you can fit into your super cool costume. 

BuzzFit makes a great daily addition to your routine and can easily be substituted for your sugary coffee beverages. Between the parties, trick-or-treating, and handing out candy, you’re going to need all the energy you can get this spooky szn. Catch a healthier buzz and ditch the sugar crash with a BuzzFit coffee sample

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