3 Reasons Why You're Having an Afternoon Crash & 3 Ways to Avoid It

3 Reasons Why You're Having an Afternoon Crash & 3 Ways to Avoid It

3 Reasons Why You're Having an Afternoon Crash & 3 Ways to Avoid It

Have you ever been drinking your third cup of coffee and you’re still so tired that you barely have the energy to think? If you’re a victim of frequent energy crashes, especially in the mid-afternoon, you may be a candidate for switching up some of your caffeine habits.

Let’s look at three of the most common causes behind the dreaded afternoon crash and some solutions for how to enjoy caffeine without the crash. 

1. Over Caffeination 

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can end up being a bad thing. Over caffeination is your body’s way of telling you that you need to throttle back on your caffeine intake. Over caffeination isn’t always such an obvious reason for your mid-afternoon slump. It could be that you’ve grown dependent on having caffeine in the middle of the day and that dependence is wreaking havoc on your system. It could also be that you simply had too much caffeine in the morning (maybe an extra cup of coffee because you didn’t sleep well the night before). Whatever is causing your over-caffeination, limiting yourself to the recommended daily maximum of 100mg is a good idea.


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What’s The Solution?

Better caffeine! Our natural instinct when we get tired in the afternoon is to ingest more caffeine, but if your afternoon crash is being caused by over-caffeination, more caffeine is not the solution. What you need is better caffeine, or rather, a better-caffeinated beverage. Better caffeine in the form of a superior caffeinated beverage like BuzzFit’s protein coffee can keep you alert all day without running into that late afternoon energy slump.

Why BuzzFit?

Not all caffeinated beverages are created equal. There’s a reason that energy drinks give you a higher high and a lower low than a regular cup of coffee. The way your body digests and processes caffeine has a lot to do with what else you’re eating and drinking.

If you’re trying to run on caffeine alone, without anything else in your system, you’re going to burn out and crash hard. That’s why BuzzFit protein coffee has 10g of protein in every serving. The added protein helps the 100mg of caffeine (the recommended daily serving) bind to something concrete for a slower, more controlled burn. That means no jitters and no energy crash. 

2. Bad Timing

Many times we hit that dreaded afternoon crash because we did not time our caffeine intake properly. Maybe you’re an early riser and you start your day at 5 am. Or, maybe you nurse your morning caffeinated beverage all morning and feel great until lunchtime when that big sandwich ruins your perfect buzz by making you sleepy and lethargic. We hate to break it to you…it wasn’t the sandwich’s fault. Whatever your morning routine, it’s probably not the time you drink your morning caffeine as it is the time it takes for your morning caffeine to wear off. 


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What’s the solution?

A caffeinated beverage with better efficacy! With Buzzfit you don’t need as much caffeine because the protein in our coffee helps the caffeine burn slower and last longer. In fact, our protein coffee works so well that you can even try dividing your daily caffeine intake into two calculated half servings throughout the day! Enjoy your first half serving of Buzzfit when you wake up for a quick boost with a slow burn that will keep you energized throughout the morning. Then, have the other half in the mid-afternoon as a quick pick-me-up that will propel you through the late afternoon and drop you off smoothly into a relaxed evening.

Why BuzzFit?

Having a half-serving of BuzzFit mid-afternoon will give you the boost you need to get through the rest of the day without negatively affecting sleep. If you drink a half serving of Buzzfit protein coffee at 2 pm, the effects should be completely worn off by 8 or 9 pm just in time for bed. If you down a name-brand energy drink or take a shot of espresso in the mid-afternoon, you’re likely to get jittery and anxious before you crash even harder than before. 

Remember, Buzzfit is a slower burn so you’re not going to get the 2 pm rocket fuel boost you would get from an energy drink, but you’re not going to get the dreaded afternoon caffeine hangover either. What you get with Buzzfit is the slow burn your body needs to make the final push through what are normally the toughest hours of the day.


3. Poor Sustenance

This is just our fancy way of saying you’re not giving your body the nutrient-rich fuel it needs to function properly. Think of your body like a high-octane sports car where normal foods like protein, fiber, and carbohydrates are the gas that makes the car run. Caffeine is a turbo-boost…nitrous-oxide for all you Fast And The Furious fans. While caffeine is a great way to give yourself a much-needed jolt, without gas in the tank, your engine is going to combust and the car is going to crash. If you don’t have something for your metabolism to digest in addition to the caffeine, you’re going to run too hot and burn out.


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What’s the solution?

Protein is the solution to this problem, and BuzzFit protein coffee has 10 grams of it. If you’re going to drink caffeine, you’re going to need a little bit of protein to go with it. Why protein? Protein is one of the slowest digesting compounds you can ingest. Thanks to its dense nutritional complexity, protein takes longer to burn, which means that a little bit of protein goes a long way. 

Why BuzzFit?

The benefits of protein in your coffee aren’t just limited to preventing a crash, protein coffee like BuzzFit helps your body digest and process caffeine in a healthier way. With something like protein to latch onto, the caffeine you ingest can work for a longer period. In turn, this helps your body's metabolic systems to be more effective. Metabolic efficacy has been linked to superior cognitive function, higher mental acuity, and of course — more calories burned throughout the day! Not only is there less likelihood of an afternoon crash with a protein coffee like BuzzFit, but it can also help burn unwanted calories!


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Wrapping Up

An afternoon caffeine crash is something dreaded by every coffee drinker, loathed by every energy drink enthusiast, and despised by tea drinkers everywhere. Fortunately for you, the solution to preventing an afternoon caffeine crash is as easy as adding a little protein to the mix. Pick up a pack of BuzzFit and see what all the buzz is about…without the crash.