Frequently Asked Questions


What is BuzzFit Coffee + Protein?

Is this coffee flavored protein?

What type of protein is used?

How much caffeine is in one serving?

Are the products Dairy free?

Can this be used as an iced coffee?

How often will you have new flavors?

What do you use for sweetener?

Can I be a brand ambassador?

Where are you located?

Is your product manufactured in the United States?

How should I store it?

Can I drink your coffee if I have diabetes?

Keto diet friendly?

Is your coffee gluten free?

Is it okay to use these products while pregnant?

Do you offer a subscription service?

I’d like to try before purchasing. Can I have a sample?

Can I return my order?

Do you ship internationally?

How long will it take to get my product delivered?

Do you have free shipping?

Where can I purchase BuzzFit?

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