Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is BuzzFit Protein Coffee made?    
    Our coffee is imported from Colombia and our products are manufactured in the United States.

Does BuzzFit ship internationally?
    Yes.  We are also looking to have international vendors in the near future as well, this will help save on your shipping costs.

Do you offer sample packs?
    We currently do not have sample packs offered.  BUT see below for our return policy.

What is your return policy?
    We are so confident that you will be happy with our product that we will refund you your money if you find it unsatisfactory.  The item must be returned to us in order to be refunded.

Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes we sell our products at wholesale prices when 12+ units are purchased.  Please email for inquiries.

Do you sponsor athletes?
    Please send your social media handles to in order to be considered for sponsorships.

Will you come out with any other flavored coffee besides black?
    Yes we will, but we're happy to offer the first sugar free and artificial ingredient free protein coffee for now.